Tuesday, November 01, 2005


So, things went a little askew over the past several days, but in a good way. Friday I picked up the bus and was still pretty uncomfortable driving it. It has some issues with wanting to stall out when you are at a stop and go to move again. It's very frustrating. I don't like stalling out, I don't like the idea of people behind me being angry at me. I know, I'm wierd.

But, anyway, so I was freaked out driving the bus and came to the realization that there was no way I was getting it packed up and heading out the next morning very early to make it to Detroit that night for the Halloween party I'd been hoping to go to. So, I very sadly got back to my grandmother's house, stopping on the way to call my friend in Detroit and tell him I wouldn't make it there. Then I got home and decided to go back out to Starbucks and play on the internet. At Starbucks I got to hang out with my senior prom date who works there. He just graduated college and is chilling at Starbucks a bit longer before looking for a real job. Sounds great.

So, I'm chilling at Starbucks on the internet and decide to scope out flights to Detroit for giggles, mostly because of a suggestion my brilliant friend Hazel gave me. She told me I should take a train to Detroit and hang out for the weekend and think about the bus deal later. However, since a train would take a REALLY long time to get to Detroit, I looked for flights. I got lucky and found an E-saver and flew out to Detroit Saturday morning. I surprised my friend when I called him and told him I was driving down the street that leaves the airport and heads into his town. He expected me to be sad and moping in Philly. Not this girl, no way. As Sarah put it so well "Spontaneity is the theme of this year for you."

The weekend in Detroit was great. I had an awesome time at the Halloween party and an really awesome rest of the weekend hanging out with my friend and his family. He has a huge family, 12 brothers and sisters, something like 8 of which still live within 15 miles of each other. They are so much fun to hang out around. They are wild and fun and loud and great. The party on Halloween reminded me of the parties I used to go to with my parents, only this time everyone was related. On Monday my friend had to work, so I went and checked out Belle Isle. It was really beautiful and sad at the same time. I got some fabulous pictures, which I'll try and post somewhere.

Now I'm sitting at the Detroit airport waiting to head back to philly. I managed to get onto an earlier flight, which is good, cause I didn't like getting in all late. It looks like Jake's surgery has been scheduled for tomorrow, which is good too, cause that means I can take him down there. Then I am taking the bus to get looked at on Thursday, to see if the guys at Lehman's can figure out a way to make it happier without spending too much money. That's about all for now, I've got to go make sure I'm still sitting at the right gate for my flight.


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