Thursday, November 24, 2005

Finally Somewhere!!!

I have finally managed to get somewhere.... and that somewhere is Florida. I am hanging out at Turk's house for Thanksgiving. For those of you that don't know, Turk is my father. His real name is Donald, if you ask nicely I'll explain how he came to be Turk. Actually, we aren't hanging out at his house for Thanksgiving, we are going to Theresa's house. Particularly exciting is the fact that I get to try fried turkey for the first time. It sounds interesting. I've heard good things about it.

The drive from PA to FL was just lovely (she says in a totally sarcastic and snarky tone). Jake insisted on going to South of the Border to get fireworks. I had to either pretend to sleep or read while he was driving so that I didn't panic and scream. He is not exactly a good driver, okay, really he's an awful driver. I would say something meaner, but there are possibly children reading this, so it's gotta stay PG.

Saw a lot of different license plates along the way. There seems to be a Canadian invasion going on. I guess there are a lot of Canadian snowbirds escaping to the southern US. Personally I'd much rather escape to Canada at the moment, but then again cold and snow doesn't bother me. At least not nearly as much as the current American regime bothers me. :)

Florida has been lovely so far. We went for sushi tonight at Sushi Yoshi. It's very much one of those places where everyone who walks in and sits at the sushi bar knows the chef well and he frequently knows them. I love those places, cause they are always really nice to you if you sit at the sushi bar and give you treats. Tonight we got some crab concoction sort of thing stuffed into a big clam shell. It was very tasty (sorry Sarah).

So, the adventure officially begins next Monday when I leave via Amtrak to head to Toronto. I am REALLY looking forward to this trip. Trains ROCK!! My tickets and my North American Rail Pass showed up in the mail here at Turk's on Tuesday. Yay for Amtrak.


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