Friday, January 21, 2011

Majolica Birthday Extravaganza

My 30th birthday is tomorrow!  It's crazy, I can't believe I'm already 30.  I feel like my 20s disappeared really fast.  But, my 20s have been pretty awesome.  When I look back on the things that I've done in the last 10 years, it's kind of a lot.  Anyway, that's not the point of this post.  The point of this post is the incredible birthday gathering my mom put together for me this past Wednesday night.

My mom organized a great group of people for a tasting menu dinner at my favorite restaurant, Majolica in Phoenixville.  Andrew put together an amazing selection.  We started off with mortadella puffs, which I forgot to take a picture of, but they were lovely little puff pastries filled with mortadella.

Next came a lovely chanterelle mushroom cappuccino soup with nutmeg foam and thyme.

I forgot to take the picture until after I'd already eaten a bit, so you can't see how lovely the foam looked and the little bit of fresh thyme that was on top, but you can imagine.

Then we got a very tasty citrus daikon salad.  Slices of blood orange, grapefruit (I think), daikon and some wonderful blue cheese.

After that came this fantastic swordfish with israeli cous cous and saffron aioli.

 Then we got sweet potato agnolotti (little ravioli-like pastas) with royal trumpet mushroom and piave cheese sauce, so yummy.  It even prompted Rachel to remark that the tasting menu was mean cause it was teasing her with these yummy things, but not enough of them.

 After this we got three flatbreads to share amongst ourselves, the escargot flatbread, scallop flatbread and a pear gorgonzola flatbread.  I only got a picture of the one piece that I took of pear gorgonzola flatbread.

 After the flatbread we got a tasty palate cleanser of cucumber sorbet.  This is my absolute favorite of the various sorbets that Andrew makes.

 Following this was the main course of duck confit with fazzoletti pasta.  Fazzoletti pasta is handmade large squares of pasta.  The pasta was amazing.

 After all this finally came dessert, raspberry sorbet with basil, fresh raspberries and a chocolate sliver.  Mine came with a candle, which was very nice.

And then Rochelle wondered why I was taking the picture instead of being in it, so she took this very nice photo of me.

So, that was my incredible birthday gathering at Majolica.  I'm eating at Majolica again tomorrow on my actual birthday, which I am also really looking forward to.  I will try and blog that one too.
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