Thursday, October 27, 2005

Brief Intro

Okay, this is going to be very brief, cause I still have a lot of errands to do, including putting the bus in my name and all that goes along with registering it in PA. Things are a little chaotic at the moment cause the bus has some issues. It's got some problems with the shifter. Problems is kinda putting it mildly. My friend Bob, who is always calm and collected and peaceful about things said, "That's f*&%ed up" when he tried to drive it around the block. He didn't get around the block, he wouldn't even consider driving it. This from a man who has had several VW's, including a couple busses in his lifetime. Whatever. He says it's a miracle I made it back from Chicago with it like that. Basically more proof that I'm crazy.

Anyway, I'll post more later, including pictures of the bus, or at least a link to pictures. Now I have to run and do errands.


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