Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hello from Oklahoma...

OKLAHOMA, where the waving wheat, it sure smells sweet...... and so on...

That song gets stuck in my head whenever I drive through Oklahoma. Which, okay, honestly this is only the third time I've ever driven through Oklahoma, but still, it's stuck there.

Yes folks, I'm in Oklahoma. Oklahoma City, OK to be exact. So, last time I updated was just before Nashville. Nashville turned out to be not particularly exciting, which may have had something to do with the fact that it was a Sunday in February. But, anyway, I got to Memphis Sunday night, stayed at a hotel there, then explored Memphis in the morning and early afternoon. I went to the National Civil Rights Museum, which was really interesting. Then I walked around on Beale Street listening to the song Walking in Memphis sung by Lonestar (also a famous country band). Yes, I'm a big giant dork. :) Then I went to Graceland. Continuing the dorkiness, I listened to Paul Simon's Graceland on my way out there. Graceland was fascinating. Very 70's and gaudy, but interesting.

From there I made my way to Hot Springs, Arkansas. I stayed at a campground, spending my first night in the back of the truck. It wasn't too bad. Slept comfortably and very safe. Today I checked out Hot Spring, AR. It's a very cute little town with a lot of history. Definately worth the trip if you ever have the chance. I got a hot springs bath at the one bathhouse that's still open on Bathhouse Row. There are others being renovated to be reopened, but none are completed yet. There are also other places to get hot springs baths, but there's only one that's on the original Bathhouse Row. It was interesting too. I explored more of the town until about 1:30pm and then I headed off to Oklahoma. That's all very summarized. I hope to expand on these past few days and the days to come later.


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