Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Roundtrip roadtrip, country stars and more

So, last week was a very exciting week. Tuesday morning I left early and drove to Lexington, KY. The point of the trip was to go to Paducah, KY (extreme western KY) to pick up a pie safe (large antique cabinet) for friends of mine that they had bought on eBay. I have a friend in Lexington from CMU, so it was a great opportunity to catch up with him. We hadn't seen each other in five years. We went out to dinner together, which proved more difficult than one would generally imagine. I happened to end up in Lexington on Valentine's Day, so every restaurant was totally packed. It was completely crazy. We drove around for a half hour trying to find a place to eat. We eventually found a place and sat down to catch up. It was fun. Then he let me crash at his place which was great. The next morning I got up very early and headed to Paducah. I got there around noon Paducah time (it is in Central time) and picked up the pie safe. Then I headed back to Lexington. I got there fairly late in the evening so I just went to a hotel.

It was a very nice hotel and not too terribly expensive. But, the amusing thing was that the first room they sent me to had someone's luggage in it and smelled really strongly of men's cologne, like he'd just left. That was a little freaky. So, they got me a new room and gave me a card for a free breakfast. That was pretty nice. I slept really well and headed out of Lexington around 9am the next morning. The drive was pretty boring for the most part. However, the one exciting part that I just determined the facts of was that I saw Brad Paisley's tour bus. Okay, so Adam is probably the only person who knows who he is, but honest, he's a REALLY big country star. I was driving along and saw this really huge dark fancy looking bus ahead of me. Eventually I caught up to it and it said "Corvette" on the back. I don't know what that was about, but it was fancy. It had a WVU license plate in a spare license plate holder and then the rim around the real license plate said Brad Paisley. I was all "that's so freakin' cool if that's Brad Paisley's bus". But, I wasn't sure. Then I went to his website and it seems he's from West Virginia and was in the area where I was at the right time. So, I'm pretty much positive it was Brad Paisley's bus. SO AWESOME!!!

Anyway, got back from KY and unloaded the pie safe at my friend's house. Then Friday I got to babysit the youngest baby I've ever babysat. That was a whole new world. I've never heated up a bottle or watched a baby who is not very easily distracted. It was fun though. I had a great time watching him and learning more about what babies that age are like. Friday night I met up with some people at The Drafting Room in Exton and also managed to randomly run into another friend. It's so funny to run into people like that. It was great. I know, lots of things were great this week. I'm terrible at coming up with new adjectives.

Saturday I drove all over creation looking for rollerblade wheels and a cot. That was really frustrating and I don't really want to talk about it. I found a cot, but haven't gotten rollerblade wheels yet.

Anyway, Sunday I did some running around helping people move things with my truck. In the afternoon I rented a Rug Doctor from Genaurdi's and cleaned my grandmother's carpet in her downstairs living room. My brother had spilled a bunch of coke on the carpet and it was bothering my grandmother. The Rug Doctor worked wonderfully. The carpet looks great now.

That's the end of the week really. Yesterday was a holiday though, so the Girl Scouts all had the day off. They had a bowling trip planned and that sounded like fun, so I went along. I didn't think I'd actually be bowling, I thought I'd just be watching the kids bowl and talking to the parents. But, a few kids hadn't shown up, so the girls asked me to take someone's place. I had a lot of fun. I really enjoy bowling. I did pretty well too. It was fun.

So, after all that fun, I can't wait to get the flip out of town. I'm packing up the truck today and hopefully doing a whole pile of other things so that I can get on my way tomorrow.

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Theresa said...

Adam isn't the only one who knows who Brad Paisley is - I do, too! That really is totally cool that you ran across his bus. I would have been freaking out - and probably would have embarassed myself in some way (wrecking my car, flashing my.....a-hem, headlights:)or something like that)Anyway, have some more great adventures. Looking forward to reading about them.