Wednesday, March 01, 2006

People are leaving North Carolina in droves...

Seriously folks, something wierd is going on with North Carolina. People are leaving the state in what must be record numbers. In terms of out of state plates in every state that I've been through on I-40 so far, I've seen significantly more North Carolina tags than any other. Most of these tags have been on cars being towed behind UHaul trucks. Many others have been cars or trucks so loaded with stuff one can only assume they have left North Carolina for good. Anyone have any thoughts on this subject?

Besides the strangeness of the quantity of NC tags I've seen, nothing particularly odd has happened yet. This morning I went to the Oklahoma City National Memorial. It's the memorial to the Oklahoma City federal building bombing that happened on April 19, 1995. It's a really beautiful memorial and a very interesting and sad museum. I stopped reading all the info about 2/3 of the way through the museum because it was just too depressing. And that was also the point where they started talking a lot about finding McVeigh and Nichols and their trials and such. I remember a lot about that part, so I didn't need to know any more. I was there more for the facts about the bombing. Anyway, from there I just drove and drove through the rest of Oklahoma, the panhandle of Texas and into New Mexico. Now I'm staying at a campground in Santa Rosa, New Mexico which happens to have wireless. So, I'm sitting in the truck typing this. Very nice.

Tomorrow I plan to just drive and drive again and hopefully make it to the Grand Canyon area. I'll either stay in Flagstaff or drive up to the Grand Canyon where there is a hotel just outside the park entrance that is fairly reasonably priced.


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