Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow and MHS amusement

Okay, first off, all MHSers out there, you HAVE to check this out. It's too funny. There are reviews of a lot of the teachers we had and the teachers that were students with us.

Off that topic now, it SNOWED this weekend. I LOVE IT!!!! 18 inches of snow in King of Prussia and the world is lovely and white and pure. I love snow!! It started Saturday afternoon and went through Sunday midday. Saturday I went out in the snow and picked up some stuff from Trader Joe's. It was so packed, totally crazy. It was just as bad as Genaurdi's had been the day before. But, I got what I wanted and got out relatively smoothly. There were way more people out in the snow than I had expected. But, the roads weren't too bad. I spent the rest of the day and evening at home watching movies and Olympics and Law & Order with my grandmother. At one point Sarah and I were IMing each other and commenting on the pairs skating event that we were watchin and the commercials. That was fun. I've never done remote tv commentating.

This morning Jake kept waking me up. Around 7am he woke me up trying to dig his very lousy vehicle out of the snow. It's a decent enough vehicle when it's not snowing, but it is just not meant for the snow. He and Brandon couldn't get it unstuck so they managed to get it into a sorta parking space on the street. Then they came back inside and made random noises that kept waking me up. The final straw was about 10am he was SCREAMING over his Nextel phone to his boss giving him directions to get to the house. That was the end of all sleeping for me. I got up and made coffee and played on the computer for a while. Then I was really bored so I went outside and cleaned off the truck. There was A LOT of snow on top of it. Seeing as I wasn't cleaning it off for any particular reason I was having a lot of fun. I think if I'd been cleaning it off cause I was trying to get somewhere I'd have been annoyed about it. While I was cleaning off the truck the snow shoveling guy that Gram contracted with showed up. He was very hippy like and we talked about traveling and such. However, he was also very tired and ended up doing a rather pathetic job on the shoveling. When Brandon moved his SUV later I had to do a lot of shoveling around where it had been and then I had to move the truck to do the same. I had offered to move the vehicles for the shoveling guy, but he wasn't interested. But, it's okay, cause I got a great workout. :)

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Sarah said...

Anyone else find it terrifying that there are teachers on that list that graduated with us? No? Just me?