Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Silly mid-week Holiday

Happy 4th of July everyone. Yay for odd days off in the middle of the week. Actually, they bug me. It was such a waste of time to have to work on Monday and then not work today. And now it's like having a three day work week. Not that I mind a short work week. Those are always nice.

Anyway, sorry for the lapse in posting. Life has gotten back into a quasi-normal routine and I'm very bad at posting about my quasi-normal routine. I am however continuing to discover new and wonderful things about Salt Lake City. There's Red Butte Gardens for instance. It's a lovely gardens, much along the lines of Longwood, only smaller, for those of you in PA. They have a summer concert series with a great list of artists. I went to my first concert there the other week, John Hiatt. He was awesome. It was I think my 3rd or 4th time seeing him in concert. It was so much fun. The opening band, North Mississippi All Stars, were great, very high energy. The lead singer looked about 14, but sang like an old black blues singer. So cool. They also served as John's back up band.

Tennis is continuing to go well. This past Saturday was fun since we got to actually play doubles. I got in a group with 3 people who weren't totally clear on scoring, or most of the rules, so I was the official score keeper/rules officianado. That was interesting, since I wasn't 100% sure on all the rules either. I haven't played formal doubles in 9 years. But, none of us really cared, so it was all good. I went and practiced a bit on Sunday and then screwed up my right arm at the shoulder. I think something with the rotator cuff muscles went awry in trying to practice my serves. That hurt a lot on Monday, so I skipped the Monday night workout. I need to get some weights to lift and build up the muscles around my shoulder.

Saturday after tennis I went to see "An Inconvenient Truth" with Mason, a very cool guy that I've been hanging out with. The movie was great, scary, but great. Al Gore is exceptionally well spoken, particularly when you think in comparison with our current president. I've realized that Bush just sounds so uneducated, it's painful to listen to him.

After the movie I ended up waiting around for someone who had asked me earlier in the week to hang out on the weekend, but then ended up bailing. So, I looked at my map of the valley and picked a loop road that looked like it went through a forest area. It ended up being this amazing drive through the mountains south of SLC. It was so beautiful. I want to go camping and hiking and stay there forever. It was so green and cool and smelled wonderful. Then I came home and made potato pancakes, yummmmmmmmm. Sunday I went to see a very strange movie called "Hard Candy" with Jen from work and her husband. Totally strange movie, but good. After the movie we went over to the Gilgal Garden, which is this odd little sculpture garden in the middle of a block in SLC. The guy who did all the sculptures was a really religious LDS bishop (not like a bishop in Catholicism, more like a community leader) and a mason. One of the sculptures is a Joseph Smith sphinx. The guy's idea behind it was that Joseph Smith had all the answers, like the sphinx. There are a lot of LDS scriptures and song quotes carved in stone. It was interesting and led to a fascinating discussion on religion. I'm really enjoying learning so much about a completely new religion and culture here in SLC. I have no desire to become a part of it, but I definately respect it and want to learn more about it.

Today I finally did some more unpacking at the apartment. I'm going camping next weekend at Lake Powell in southern Utah/northern Arizona and I needed to sort out all my camping gear. And now I'm going to go kill my neighbors. They are shooting off some sort of fireworks that I'm sure are completely illegal. Add that to all the other eight million things they do that make me completely bonkers and..... well..... I can't be held responsible for my actions. :) Actually, really I'm going to go watch The Count of Monte Cristo. It's a great movie, I own it on dvd, but it's in Philly. But, it's on tv tonight, yay!!


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