Friday, July 28, 2006

RAZR Pictures

I finally invested in a program that allows me to get the pics off my RAZR and onto my computer. Thus, there are now finally pictures from the Yard Dogs Road Show up on my Flickr account. Warning, there is one picture not recommended for childrens eyes. Nothing awful, just some girls covered in basically a bikini. There are also to car pictures that I took for Turk. One is a Fiat convertible. Turk owned a couple Fiats in his younger days. The other is a Range Rover that's been repainted and pimped out with some really ugly rims.

You can see it the most in the car pictures, but the phone pics have some very odd focus effects going on. The focus area is very round and small. The edges of the pictures are pretty fuzzy. It's interesting.

Not much else going on. I keep seeing ads for V for Vendetta on dvd on Tuesday. I am SUPER EXCITED about that. I'm definately heading straight over to Best Buy after work on Tuesday to pick that up. I loved that movie.


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