Thursday, June 15, 2006

Yard Dogs Road Show

Last night I went to one of the most fun and different shows I've ever seen. The Yard Dogs Road Show is a combination circus act, vaudeville and burlesque. There were dancing girls, singing girls, a belly dancing girl, a sword swallower (who also swallowed a neon light stick that glowed light through his chest), a fire eater and some great music. This very cool guy that I've met named Mike told me about it and invited me. It was a totally awesome evening. I have never seen sword swallowing or fire eating in person. It was crazy to see someone standing up there doing that. The dancing girls were cool too. They had these amazing Moulin Rouge-esque outfits on. Their finale outfits were really skimpy little sparkly white underwear with fringes and little sparkly 1.5" diameter circles covering their nipples. They were very good at the classic vaudeville/burlesque style dancing with the teasing and such to make the men folk go wild. I took some pictures with my RAZR, which if I can ever figure out how to get off my phone I'll post here or on Flickr.

Besides the show being great, the crowd was very interesting as well. Some great people watching. There were a lot of goth types in the crowd. One guy had this great suit on. There was a guy with a 6" thin stick going through the little piece of his nose between the two nostrils. My concern with that would be it getting caught on something and getting yanked out. There were also a bunch of very artsy/funky/hippy types there. It was a very diverse and very cool crowd.

Other than that not much going on. Tonight I get to pick up another box from the farm that I bought a half share in (it's a Community Supported Agriculture farm, very cool). Hopefully it will have more than a giant salad in it this time. Last week I got about 20 ounces of spring mix salad. I haven't even been able to eat half of it. Tennis starts Saturday morning. Thankfully the weather this weekend is looking to be nice and not too hot. It's going to be rough out there playing tennis in July when it's 100 degrees outside.


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