Saturday, June 10, 2006

Tennis anyone?

I signed up for tennis lessons. They start Saturday the 17th and run (I think) 10 weeks. Super excited about that. I haven't played tennis seriously since junior year of high school. I miss playing. I signed up for the intermediate lessons, which should be good. But, since I haven't touched a racket in probably 3-5 years at least, I figured I ought to get some practice in before next weekend. So I stopped at Wal-mart on my way home on Friday and picked up a racket and some balls. This morning I went out and hit against the practice wall at Liberty park for about an hour and a half. It was fun. I actually got a couple good volleys going where I didn't screw up for several hits. However, I really need to work on my backhand and it's also really hard to practice your serve against a practice wall. I'd love to find someone to play tennis with sometime this week after work one day to get in some real live practice. I left my name and number at the desk at the Liberty Park tennis center, so maybe someone else will come in looking for a partner and we can connect. But, whether I find a partner or not, I hope to go back to the practice wall tomorrow and a couple of nights this week after work.

Other than that, I've moved into my new apartment. It's really cute. My mom also flew up last weekend to help me move in, which was awesome. We had a really great weekend. I love hanging out with my mom. I'm sure so few people my age can say that, so I know I'm very lucky. I love hanging out with both my parents, they are both really fun, cool people. I also like both their significant others a lot, which is also really lucky. But, anyway, my mom ended up paying for some stuff we picked up at Wal-mart and Target, which was super super nice of her. My bathroom looks very stylish thanks to my mom. :) The apartment is great, other than my neighbors. Not the people I share a wall with this time, thankfully, they are decent. The people that I don't share a wall with, but whose house and main door they use is 10-15 feet away from my bedroom window, are totally crazy. They fight all the time, they have people coming to the house at ridiculous hours and the woman screams out "WHO'S THERE?" instead of coming to the door to check. The other night I got home and the cops were walking up to their house because the woman had thrown half the furniture THROUGH the front windows. Not OUT, THROUGH! Both front windows completely shattered. Totally CRAZY! Hopefully they will move out or get evicted or something soon. If not, I'll have to start doing my civic duty and calling the cops everytime they are being obnoxious at ridiculous hours of the evening.

Not really much other news. Hopefully life will get more interesting once I start the tennis lessons. I'm hoping it will be a great way to meet friends and tennis partners. I would love to meet people to play tennis with 2-4 times a week. It'd be fun to get halfway decent at tennis.


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