Sunday, March 12, 2006

Skiing "out west", aka "trying to kill myself"

Okay folks, coulda warned me just a bit that skiing out west not only is totally different, but that the concept of green circle out here is TOTALLY different from the concept of green circle back east. I accidentally went down a green circle/blue square and fell for the first time skiing in probably 12-13 years. The last time I remember falling skiing was when Sarah's dad dragged me down a blue square that I was SO not ready for and I ended up falling and sliding backwards down the mountain about 20 feet. I think I was about 13 then, maybe 14. I did about 5 runs down the green circles and called it quits. Not only had I had quite enough of the scary green circles, but it was also blizzarding out, so that was a little new for me too. I think it's been a REALLY long time since I've been skiing while it's snowing. It let up very briefly while I was up there today, but then it was windy and snowing like crazy again. It made for lovely ski conditions, but not so lovely visability. Luckily I had my motorcycle goggles with the prescription glasses insert in them with me, so those were great. But, all in all it was fun. I will definately go back, hopefully one day when it's not blizzard conditions out there.

Other than that, not much going on. Hoping to hear from some people about jobs tomorrow, we shall see. Think happy thoughts for me. I think I picked up a little good karma today when I gave some people a ride up the mountain near the ski resorts. They were going to do some crazy hiking and backcountry skiing. I'm not entirely sure I understood what they were doing, something with telemark skis. But, they were grateful for the ride. Although I may have used up all that good karma when I got my rental skis for free because I asked if the guy had seen my roommate around.


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