Friday, December 02, 2005

Oh it's so cold!

Dear Toronto,

I am very sorry, but you have just been pulled from the list of places I would be willing to consider home. I loved you dearly until this morning. The cold front that came in and brought you snow also brought bitter cold and wind. I'm sorry, but I just can't take walking around in that.


That is my note to Toronto after today. The weather was lovely until the cold front and snow last night brought in some awfully cold weather. The wind is the worst part. It just bites into you. It made for a somewhat unpleasant day of walking around. I again decided to walk all over Toronto. I went down to the CN Tower this morning to get my CityPass and as I was walking down I realized that had lied to me and it was a relatively clear day. So, I just went up the tower while I was there. It's really cool up there. The view is amazing. I got some cool pictures, including two pictures of the Global Village Backpackers. After the CN Tower I walked back to the hostel to bundle up some more and grab my hat. Once I was all geared up I headed out to the Art Gallery of Ontario. Before I went in though I had to find some lunch. I found some excellent Tofu Noodle Soup at this place called Sakura. It looked like it might be a chain. Lunch was $5, which was a nice bonus. Then over to AGO. They are doing some construction at the moment, so it's not a very extensive collection. It was still neat. The Catherine the Great exhibition was amazing though. It cost an extra $10 above the admission price, but it was well worth it. I learned a lot that I didn't know about her, including that she was pretty short. But, I think everyone was shorter back in those days.

From the AGO I decided to walk down to the Royal Ontario Museum. This is also being renovated at the moment, but there was still an immense amount of stuff to see. I spent two hours there and didn't really do the place justice. I kind of sped up at the end cause I was starving. I made my way back to Spadina (the street that the hostel is on) and headed down looking for a restaurant along the way. I ended up at Fresh. Totally recommend this place highly. I had a Baby Buddha rice bowl and sweet potato fries for $12.50. Excellent dinner. The Baby Buddha rice bowl was basmati brown rice with mildly spicy thai peanut sauce and tofu and cucumbers and tomatoes. REALLY GOOD, as were the sweet potato fries. Now, after my day of walking around I am tired and want to do nothing but just chill out here at the hostel and drink and then sleep.

Oh, and to answer Sarah's question from the previous post.... I have not tried the public transportation yet. It seems to be fairly extensive and pretty easy to use, but I just haven't tried it yet. I will be using it tomorrow, so I'll let you know.


Anonymous Todd Tyrtle said...

Ah - how little you know of cold. In a few weeks we'll very likely be seeing -20 or even -25 Deg. C with a bitter wind. A few days of that and when it goes back up to zero you truly feel glad at how warm it really is. Last winter solstice, Kite was here and literally could barely breathe the wind was so cold. She and Paul had to walk behind me so that I could block the wind and they could breathe. Kite laughed and remarked that her lungs did not identify that substance as air.

Still, I wouldn't live anywhere else. You should definitely come back in warmer months - this place really wakes up in June/July. Caribana and the Pride Parade are both great big parties that get turnouts of over a million people each.

3/12/05 8:35 AM  
Anonymous Sarah said...


Also, this entry reminded me of a BNL song. Which made me realize, hey! Danielle is in BNL's natural habitat! Which, is so. incredibly. AWESOME.

3/12/05 3:52 PM  

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