Friday, November 03, 2006

Quick post

Ooops. So, I ended up going out tonight and didn't post before I went out. So this is a quick post to get one in before midnight. :) Brief summary of randomness of the day:

Frustration: Stupid Arnold's Go Karting closed their track today from 1-2:30pm, right at lunch time when we tried to go go-karting. BAH!

Frustration: Stupid work vacation time madness. I logged on to our etime-sheet system and it suddenly told me I only had 2.5 vacation days total, which is the alottment I'd have for starting in October if I was only supposed to get 10 days in a year, but I'm supposed to get 15. So, much researching and nothing found and then I figured out tonight that I am still right and someone who entered my data in the system is stupid. BAH!

Frustration: I can't post to my blog from work because Big Brother is watching. BAH!

Yeah: My good friend Carolyn invited me out to fun First Friday in Ardmore at the last minute. YAY!!!


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