Sunday, November 05, 2006

Photo albuming!

This weekend was photo albuming weekend. Friday night I gathered up some photos and some of the miscellaneous stuff from my trip (tickets, pamphlets, etc.). Saturday I went to my storage space in West Bumblef&*%, PA in search of my scrapbooking supplies (no, I do not scrapbook as a hobby, I made one for my mom and that's it). Sadly, it was a fruitless trip, as I couldn't find the box with the supplies. The thing I really wanted was my Creative Memories tape roller. Seriously, the thing is fantastic for sticking down pictures and whatever. My plan was to mostly just put pictures into a regular album, but to include some of the tickets, etc. from the trip by sticking them to a 4 x 6 piece of paper and sliding them into a picture slot. So, no luck on finding the tape roller meant having to use glue. Saturday night I sorted through all my digital pictures and came up with 169 photos to print. I went over to the mall, dropped off my files at Ritz and then wandered the mall for an hour.

Okay, sidebar here: Who authorized this change to have Christmas season start after Halloween instead of after Thanksgiving? The mall was FREAKIN CRAZY!! People everywhere. I was ducking and diving to get around all the people. This is why I cannot live in a city, I hate crowds. I hate being slowed down by slow people and I end up having to duck and dive to get around them. It's awful.

Back to the story. I picked up the photos, flipped through to make sure they were mine and that there was nothing terribly wrong with any of them and headed home. On the way I calculated how big of a photo album I would need for all the pictures I had printed (which including previously printed ones that I wanted in the same album totaled more than 225 photos) and picked up an album at Target.

This morning I woke up, got some coffee and some breakfast and headed back upstairs to start my project. The glue I ended up choosing to use has a very strong smell, so it was a bit like huffing, but thankfully not too bad a high. I put together all my little "stuff" pages and then put all the pictures and all the "stuff" pages in the book. I now have a pretty good size album that basically covers the last year.

Next project, to get some more of these pictures up on the internet.


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