Friday, September 08, 2006

Oh, how I love the East!

See the green, it's everywhere. It's beautiful. This is the woods surrounding a good friend of mine's home in Palm, PA. It's a little out in the middle of nowhere, but that's the way I like it. It was so wonderful to be back in the land of green. It's very dry in Utah, pale tan is a popular color, sand, grass, dirt, it's all dry. I really missed the trees and the green everywhere. I stayed at my old neighbor's house in Collegeville all weekend. Their house is also surrounded by woods. They have a beautiful stone back patio with a fish pond and amazing plants. Everything was even more green than usual because it had been raining for about a week and a half.

Friday night my flight was delayed 3 hours because of the remnants of Hurricane Ernesto. Stupid hurricane. Even when we did land it was really bumpy and windy. Everyone clapped when we hit the ground. I didn't get out to my friend's house until 2:30am and to bed at 3:30am. Saturday morning I couldn't stay asleep for some odd reason, hmmm..... excitement maybe. :)

It was still raining Saturday. It ended up raining all day. It had also been raining most, if not all, of Friday, so everything was really wet. I went out to my grandmother's house and this is what I saw. A river in coming through her yard, over her wall and down her driveway. It always gets like this when it rains like crazy.

Saturday during the day I had an adventure driving around the city trying to find bikes for my mom and her fiance. They wanted to ride the trail from Valley Forge to Philly on Monday. I finally found a place with bikes and then it turned out that they would be open Sunday, so I just decided to drag my mom and her fiance down the next day to get their own bikes. They are a little bit picky when it comes to bikes. Saturday night I ended up going out to dinner with Carolyn and her girlfriend. We had a great evening. They took me to an awesome Italian restaurant in West Philly. It was in a part of the city I'd never seen before. We had a great time and they tried to talk me into coming back to Philly. I went straight from their place to the airport to pick up mom and her fiance.

Sunday I took mom and Steve (okay, got tired of writing "her fiance", if he doesn't want his name in here, he'll have to let me know, but it's not like his last name is here, cause I can hardly ever remember what it is, which is bad, since it may be my mom's last name someday soon) down to the bike shop to get their road bikes. Then I had lunch with my friend Penny and her family. It was a lot of fun. After that I headed up to Pottstown to see my old house and my old neighbor up there in Pottstown. I also stopped by my uncle's place for a bit. Then Sarah and I went out to Trader Joe's and picked up a basket full of joy. The checkout girl asked if we were roommates and Sarah explained that we were high school friends. I corrected her that we were actually junior high school friends. :) Then as Sarah went to pay I noticed that we have the same wallet. It was pretty funny. We went back to Sarah's and made chicken with TJ's masala simmer sauce. It was an awesome dinner. We watched some episodes of Coupling, a Britcom that I had never seen much of. It's funny if you like British humor, which I do, but I know people who aren't amused by it.

Monday I spent most of the day with Rachel, my sweet, wonderful, adorable little "sister". I say "sister" because I lived next to her parents for 14 years and was always very close with them, so when they adopted her she became like my little sister. I babysat her a lot and we hang out a lot. She taught me some moves on the trampoline, we went for a bike ride on the trail, and then we went to the mall for a bit. After that my mom and Steve came over to Rachel's parents' house for dinner. We had a good time, I dropped mom and Steve off back at gram's and then went to hang out with another friend. It was a very full weekend of friends, fun and food. The best food part was Tuesday. I went to lunch at Q'doba with someone from my old job in King of Prussia and then for dinner Sarah, mom, Steve, gram and Jake (my brother) went to August Moon in Norristown. 4 of us had sushi bimbimbap, which is rice, fresh veggies and sashimi in a bowl of goodness. mmmmmmmmmmmmm.......

Wednesday was sad because I had to head back to Utah. It was really nice to be back in Philly and it was really hard to leave. But, it's interesting to be back in Utah as well.


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