Thursday, September 21, 2006

Crazy weather out west!

Hi all. I know I've been a little quiet. I've been trying to keep some info on the down low until it seemed a little more definate. Well, it seems pretty definate now, so attention, attention: I am moving back to the Philadelphia area. I got a good job offer from the company I used to work for in PA and I am heading back. I'm pretty excited about the job and about heading back east.

But, obviously that's off topic. This picture was taken yesterday, that's September 20, 2006, up at Snowbird resort here in Salt Lake City. The store manager's conference for the company I work for was being held up there and we had to go up to make some presentations. I really loved the snow, except for the fact that I was wearing open toed shoes. Honestly, it was warm enough in the valley for open toed shoes, I just hadn't thought about how much colder it would be up at Snowbird. Yikes.

Then tonight, after the insanity of showing all the very interested parties my apartment, it hailed. I'm sitting her watching tv and checking email and I hear this very strange noise and look outside and it's hail. Thankfully little tiny balls of hail and not golf ball or baseball sized hail. So yeah, talk about crazy weather.

I'm going to post some more pics up on Flickr of this various weather. Other than that not much else going on. Just wanted to say hi.

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Lawyerish said...

Hey, there!

How did it take me so dang long to find your blog?? (I got to you from Allison today.)

I wanted to say thanks for the Costa Rica tips -- we had an amazing time. I kind of miss it. I'm not seeing any monkeys here in NYC, which stinks.

Utah looks nuts -- hail! Snow! In September!