Sunday, April 02, 2006

First week over, so many more to go!!

Well, one week of work and one weekend since being employed over. The first week of work was good. I really think I'm going to enjoy my job a lot. I'm very happy about it.

I'm also very happy about the location of my workplace. It seems to be situation in an incredibly cultural little corner of SLC. I know, so many of you out there are probably thinking "culture in SLC, what's she talking about? there's no culture there, it's totally white bread". HA!! I thought that once too, I thought that the best culture I was going to find out here was the still very white but slightly open minded bicyclist outdoorsy type. WRONG!!! On my way to and from work there are more than three Asian markets, one of which I think is just Vietnamese, a Halal Middle Eastern market, at least two places to eat Pho (vietnamese noodle soup), at least two places to get Boba (or Bubble) Tea (YUMMY!) and probably much more that I haven't even discovered yet. I am currently very happy with the little city that I've decided to call home. I'm finding it easier to find culturally diverse food here than I ever did in Philly. I know, I know, I'm sure there's just as much, if not more, cultural food options in Philly, but at least here I don't have to worry about getting shot in the sections of town I have to go to to get the cultural food variety.

Anyway, sadly I haven't had much opportunity to check much of these places out seriously yet because on my second day of work a coworkers germs started attacking me. The woman that is training me was sick the week before I started and just kept it all week long. She spread it to me of course, because we spent a lot of time on Monday and Tuesday sitting in her office. So, I spent all week fighting the good fight against whatever evil virus she coughed my way. I successfully managed to not actually get very noticably sick, but I sure felt crummy. But, lots of vitamin C, chicken Pho and hot toddies and I'm much better now. However, this also meant that, just so as not to push my luck, I pretty much did nothing this weekend. Saturday I truly did nothing. I slept in late and then watched DVDs all afternoon/evening. Today I got out of the house, all the way to WalMart, where a bunch of crazy Utahns managed to tick me off. Utahns drive very poorly. Really, they are starting to approach Florida bad. It's awful. I heard an explanation that is really amusing. They are all brought up (as Mormons) to be so nice to people all the time that when they are in their cars and no one knows who they are all their pent up anger and frustration comes out. Seriously, they are mean and terrible drivers. But, I can deal with it, people everywhere are terrible drivers.

Since I was sick all week I really didn't do anything, so there's really nothing exciting to report on other than my first week at work. Maybe next week will be more exciting. We'll see.


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