Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

So, I've finally gotten around to posting the bus for sale on It's a VW centered website mostly geared towards posting of vehicles and parts. It's how I bought the bus, so I figure it's a good way to sell it. Wish me luck.

Other than that things have been good and uneventful here in Florida. New Year's Eve was nice. Turk, Theresa and I went out for dinner to a very nice steakhouse in City Place. Then we went over to the Palm Beach Convention Center for the Dave Mason and Leon Russell concert. Dave Mason was great. I don't think I ever realized some of the songs he sang. I recognized several of his songs. It was very good. Leon Russell however was not so good. He's only 63, but he seems more like 83. I think I understood maybe 15 words out of the whole hour+ long concert. He got out there, played through the set as fast as he could without pausing and then left. It was pretty lame. But, Dave Mason was worth it anyway. After the concert the ride home was extremely foggy, so we were quite happy to go straight home and not be out in the fog with all the crazy bad drivers.

My assignment for this week is to take Turk's pickup truck to the nearest, or most highly recommended if Turk can find someone to recommend, Dodge dealership. It needs to be tuned up and it pulls very badly to the right, so that needs to be looked at as well. It will likely need a few things. This is all in preparation for the possibility of me driving off in it for a few months. So, let's hope that goes smoothly as well. Not much exciting going on here. I'm also going to go out hunting for a pair of boots now that the holiday shopping madness and the odd store hours should be over. Not that I need boots in the 80 degree Florida weather, but I'll need them eventually.


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